Dakwah Islamiah

 Certainty, Islam did not divide between religion and people's lives because the speech of Al-Quran Book; Allah's speech described about Allah and his belief that the god talked about paradise and hell, goodness and badness as much as his obligation in Islam religion such as pray and priestess. Al-Quran pushes people to be a positive attitude, to moral discipline, honesty, kindness, and please keep in our mind forever if we are in every places or all flexible. Moreover, Islam gives advice to human on the law to someone who is negative attitude, lying, and fool. Furthermore Islam religion is in force in society consist of selling force, service, pawn, corruption, etc. his obligation to translate speech in Al-Quran Holy Book. By his direct speech and activities. Actually, in Islam religion classifies that Islam is a state and religion which is connecting to belief and law to play a role in increasing of belief and education. Islam gives advice to human on good way, to get out of negative attitude in both your body and your mind so the state permits human to be a good principle, to be fair, and honesty to our society and our human as well. To be distribute to developing with CIRA as the same as associations that has located in Cambodia tried the one's best to let Cambodian people and Islam of Cambodia have an opportunity to change their life from land to mouth to be luxury and modern community and develop in both religion and society.

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