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About the campaign

  • The economic and political structures which sustain poverty and discrimination need to be transformed in order for poverty and poor health to be tackled in Champa Community.
  • Marginalized Champa groups and vulnerable individuals are often worst affected, deprived of the information, money or access to health services that would help them prevent and treat disease.
  • Very poor and vulnerable people may have to make harsh choices – knowingly putting their health at risk because they cannot see their children go hungry, for example.
  • The cultural and social barriers faced by marginalized Champa Community – can mean they use health services less, with serious consequences for their health. This perpetuates their disproportionate levels of poverty.
  • The cost of doctors’ fees, a course of drugs and transport to reach a health center can be devastating, both for an individual and their relatives who need to care for them or help them reach and pay for treatment. In the worst cases, the burden of illness may mean that Champa families sell their property, take children out of school to earn a living or even start begging.
  • The burden of caring is often taken on by a female relative, who may have to give up her education as a result or take on waged work to help meet the household’s costs. Missing out on education has long-term implications for Champa woman’s opportunities later in life and for her own health.
  • Overcrowded and poor living conditions can contribute to the spread of airborne diseases such as tuberculosis and respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Reliance on open fires or traditional stoves can lead to deadly indoor air pollution. A lack of food, clean water and sanitation can also be fatal.

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