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Donation For Orphan Care & Education

The orphans in Cambodia

Ninh Thuan and Đà nẵng provinces are heavily affected by poverty and drought, but also endemic Corona Virus and limited healthcare. Children are left without parents and if having health issues, stigmatized and rejected by their communities. Some children have nowhere to go and no relative to care for them. Blind and orphan children are often regarded as “shameful” in rural areas and have no access to education or rehabilitative/vocational training. Many children both blind and/or orphaned suffer terribly.

Donation For Clean Water


The Champa people endured Genocide during the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot era (1975-1979), resulting in 2 million deaths or 25% of the population. Drinking water is still scare at the rural areas in Vietnam and Cambodia. Most of the local people are dependent on the water from ponds, lakes and rivers for their daily use. This water is not clean, which can cause diarrhea and other serious illnesses.

Donation For Women Vocational Training & Businesses


Whereas their male counterparts can choose between short courses in haircutting, electricity, mechanics and a variety of other trades, the girls are generally left with learning basic cooking or sewing skills. Trades that offer little employment opportunities in overloaded markets or lead to underpaid labor in factories, often under sweatshop-like conditions. SICHAM is helping to develop targeted projects to boost and create awareness about women empowerment and integrated business opportunities and partnerships.

Donation For Vegetables and Fruits


The Social Initiative for Champa provides grants to small farms for sustainability projects that have large impacts on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity.

In Cambodia and Vietnam, rice farmers are struggling with growing costs and stagnant markets. They are taking out loans to cope in the difficult months and when they cannot repay them, they're forced to migrate towards cities or overseas in search of work, leaving behind children and aged parents to care for the rice fields.

It is a sad reality that for many parents, the only way to provide for their children is to migrate away from their farms to places of work. Leaving the children with their grandparents. These households are labelled 'gap households.'

SICHAM is helping families to grow supplemental fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The small farm will produce okra, spring onion, pumpkin, melon, morning glory, snake gourd, lettuces, papaya and passion fruit delivered on the day that they’re picked. Tomatoes will also be added to the list.

Hydroponic farming is a method of growing fruits and vegetables in mineral and nutrient solutions water instead of soil.

Donation For Animal Farming


Our goal is to reduce rural poverty and increase the availability of nutritious food in those same low-income areas.

The consequences of malnutrition are severe: it is one of the key underlying causes of child mortality and morbidity in Cambodia and Vietnam.

SICHAM aims to improve their incomes and competitiveness if they are to achieve and sustain a decent standard of living, reinvest in their animal farms, and continue to supply a sustainable crop.

Your donation will help provide vital nutrition to children and families while bringing extra income.

Donation For Health and Mobile Clinics


Lack of adequate water, sanitation, education, transportation, and communication have caused huge problems in the development of the health system. The most common diseases in Cambodia today are related to problems with water and sanitation.

People in remote villages in the provinces have difficulty obtaining health care. Besides geographical and physical barriers, trained health personnel are reluctant to be isolated in distant locations. Many provinces lack antibiotics and other medicines; many do not have cold storage facilities, so vaccine distribution, already difficult due to transportation problems, is next to impossible.

SICHAM is making efforts to setup health and mobile clinics to address the most important health problems such as malnutrition, malaria, acute respiratory infection, tuberculosis, intestinal worms and diarrheal diseases.

Donation For Farming


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